Need support for flood relief activity.

Flood relief activity in Cuddalore Distict.

                 In the recent North East Monsoon, the most of the coastal districts of Tamilnadu are affected by heavy downpour of water. especially Chennai and Cuddalore districts. we are mobilizing flood relief materials for those people affected by flood during the rain. Particularly, we are doing flood relief activity for people of Cuddalore Distict.

It will be of great help if you contribute towards our foundation.

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Location : Indra Nagar, Chidambaram, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

We are doing the activity in 2 ways.

1. Pre : Help the needed people.

2. Post : Arranging medical camps.

The donation can be in any form:
1. Blanket
2. Sleeping Mats
3. Dresses
4. Jackets and Umbrellas
5. Groceries & Utensils
6. Bread & Biscuits
7. Canned / Preserved food and Snacks
8. Candles , Matches, Torches and Charge Lights.
9. Medical First Aid etc…


Parthiban R, First Volunteer and Founder, SVD Foundation,  Bangalore.  Mobile : +91 9739390695

Mani KG, Secretary, SVD Foundation,  Chidambaram, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu.  Mobile : +91 9486216551

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