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Project Smile India

One of the main motto of SVD Foundation is to provide education to poor people through our home Project “Smile India”.

One of our main activity is to help poor people get basic education. We also motivate younger generation in the area of Agriculture, Research and Development, Technology and Volunteering activities.

As part of Project “Smile India”, SVD Foundation was able to sponsor the semester fee of Rs. 4500 to a brilliant student, Mr. Vignesh, who is doing his bachelor degree in Information technology, Thanjavur (Tanjore), TamilNadu. 

About the Student:

Mr. Vignesh. P scored 419 / 500 Apr 2012 in 10th standard and 1023/1200 Mar 2014 in 12thstandard. He is studying 2nd Year Bachelor of Science in Information technology. His father and mother are daily labour, who cannot afford for his education due to his poor financial background.

We came to know about Mr. Vignesh through his college lecturer, who happens to an active volunteer and part of SVD foundation family.

For the first year, he was able to pay the semester fee with the help of his family members and friends. But the helping hand could not be rendered for his second year education, which required a lump sum of Rs 7500 and he planned to drop his dream of becoming an IT Software engineer, as he could not afford it. Our foundation planned to support his dream but was not able to pay the full amount of Rs. 7500 due to lack of fund.

Our Foundation is actively involved in Village development activities but we are not able to extend our helping hand when it comes to fundraising. Even to pay the college fees, SVD Foundation had to postpone some of the village development activity, like teachers fee, plantation activities which involved this money.

SVD foundation was more than happy to help students like Mr. Vignesh and it was so kind of him to send us a thank you note. We from SVD Foundation saw a Smile on his face, which motivates us to help many poor students achieve their dreams. We appreciate Mr. Vignesh for his words.

We were also happy that we were able to impact such young generations to help other poor people who are in need of money for education to pursue their dreams.

What motivated me to help him was a similar family situation when I had to sell my Mother’s Jewellery and my Father, an Ex-Service Man, had to arrange a loan from his monthly pension amount for pursing my master’s degree (MCA).

SVD Foundation was able to arrange a partial amount and help such student with poor financial background, but we are not sure of his final year fees and other students who are in need of us.

Hope humanity will help and contribute to poor students for their education.

Kindly Join our hands for Project Smile India.


Parthiban R, First Volunteer , SVD Foundation,  India.  Mobile : +91 9739390695


  • Mukunthan says:

    Dear Parthiban, It is indeed an amazing effort. Hearty congratulations and wish you all the very best. I am sure, with you dedicated effort, commitment, loyalty, sincerity, you will be able to take this project to next level. Regards, Mukunthan


    Smile India – is an interesting topic having more heart touching messages. I also had had the same difficulties at my earlier studies. Even though our gov. providing lot of assistance, most of them are dropped their dream of higher studies. so that, I also decided to help them through the efforts taking by you and the foundation, you are functioning to up-lift the poor.

    • svdfoundation says:

      Thank You. Welcome to SVD Foundation. Those were the encouraging words from Mr. Mani who worked as a Project Co-ordinator in M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation.

  • kalarani says:

    Happy to hear that we stepped once again in success path towards our dream…Congrats Parthi !..I like to quote one truthfull line ” Every journey starts with single step..” be confident in each will lead the journey towards our success.I wish you all the best.

  • Krishnavalli says:

    Its a good job done parthiban. Hope we can get more sponsors to aid more students. There are more such students. I would think some temporary online jobs can help them in some way…. is here any opportunity. … kindly contact me.

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